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More Photo Memories

Here are more photo memories of the good times we classmates had together. Enjoy as you scroll through the images that will take you back in time. CLICK ON EACH PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT.

Young, gifted and Black!

Leaders in their on rite!

The Entertainers!

We finally got our new band uniforms!!!

Yep! We also had Boy Scouts!

Remember this?

Remember football at Cade Field?

Go Pam!

Remember those great talent shows in the auditorium?

The news correspondents!

We elected Miss Lanier

And Mr Lanier

From young BullPups just getting started

To Graduation Day Bulldogs!!!

Laura and Patsy at the 40th Reunion

Pamela at the 40th reunion

Charlene at the 40th

Robbie & Ruth on the right at the 40th

Gustinette and Alvin at the 40th

Rosie at the 40th

Catherine at the 40th

Dorothy at the 40th

Eddie & Frank at the 40th

Doc Tate enjoying the 40th

Lee Vaughn at the 40th

Bobbie Nell & Elvin at the 40th

Dennis enjoying the 40th

We all enjoyed the 40th - Brunch at the Hilton

These are the former band members at the 40th

The former choir members at the 40th

Rosie at the 45th

Willie Jean at the 45th Reunion

Rolean looking good at the 45th!

Rosie and Willie Jean enjoying the 45th

Pamela at the 45th

Frank having fun at the 45th!

Nelson at the 45th

Mary at the 45th

Gloria having a good time at the 45th

Percy at the 45th