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Photo Gallery

From 1969 which produced "The Greatest High School Class of all time at Lanier High School" and on through the years we have photo memories of classmates and good times we had at various reunions.  Take a walk down memory lane and smile. Yep, our yearbook pictures are also here so enjoy! (CLICK ON EACH PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT).

Fun times just kicking it!

Having a good time at the 20th Class Reunion!

Remember these guys!!!

Friends forever!

Beautiful ladies of our class at the 30th Class Reunion!

Carlton still at it!

30 years later still looking good!

These guys still have got it together at the 30th!

Some committee members for the 30th

What a time, What a time!

Reunion Committee Members and Friends

Cooling out at the Class night party!

Here we are at the 25th reunion at Lanier's auditorium

Here is our 1969 Yearbook. Go Bulldogs!!!

Still looking good at the 35th Class Reunion!

Our class officers! Looking good! Remember when?

How we were in 1969!

A big boss blast from way out the past!

You guys haven't changed a bit. Yeah right!!!!!

What a great time we had back in the day!

1969 the greatest classmates of all time!

Remember what these guys looked like back then?

Friends never to be forgotten!!!

Walking down memory lane yet?

Can you remember what you talked about back then?

Classmates for all time!

Where are they now?

The gangs all here!

Anybody look familiar?

Ahh the good old days!

Your classmates and friends forever!

Our senior year, what a great time we had!

Did you have homeroom with any of these guys?

They walked the halls of Lanier as they grew up!

If we could all just get together again, what a time!

Some got A's and some got some other grades!

Doing their thing!

We all had big ideas!

The best choir and band of all time. Wow!

They made their way through and enjoyed it!