More Classmate Photos

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More Classmate Photos

Here are more classmate photos for you to view. Our 45th Reunion photos are here also. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Gloria enjoying the 45th Class Reunion

Laura cooling out at the 45th!

Calista and Willie Jean having a good time at the 45th

Linda looking good at the 45th!

Our beautiful classmate "Women of Silver" at the 45th

Another look at our "Ladies of Silver"

"Hey look, my legs are still fine",they said at the 45th

Here they are still looking good after 45 years!

Ruth and Ronald show the young ones the latest dance steps at the 45th!

My, my, we've aged so gracefully, our beautiful classmates!

Oliver and Linda having a good time at the 45th!

These beautiful women used to walk the hall of Lanier and are still gorgeous!

Charlene still looking real good at the 45th!

Gloria still got it after all these years!

Here we all are together again at the 45th Class Reunion

Here they are "The Sixty-Niners" at the 45th!

The Sixty-Niners getting down singing "My Girl" at the 45th!

Our very own "Sixty-Niners" styling at the 45th Reunion